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Business Waste Minimisation

Minimising waste in your business is a smart way of doing business. It's about saving you money. And it's about helping the environment.

Business waste minimisation focuses on the whole production process. It's all about using resources, materials, energy, water and time more efficiently. 

Waste creation is an indicator of an inefficient operation and use of resources. Identifying why and where waste is created is the first stage of cleaner production.

Take your rubbish bin or skip, for instance. Look inside it. Chances are, you're throwing away some valuable resources and paying too much for rubbish removal in the process. You could probably prevent some of that waste from occurring in the first place.

The benefits of waste minimisation for your business can be huge. For some businesses it can mean more than a 50% savings to current waste removal costs.

Getting started is easy. It "pays to be green to be seen". Nationally and globally, businesses are increasingly practicing

This service is free for Western Bay of Plenty District businesses thanks to Western Bay of Plenty District Council. If your business is in another area, call us for a quote today! 


Event Waste Minimisation

From start to finish, we can work alongside your event manager to help minimise waste at your event.

The Waste Watchers team is extremely skilled at reducing waste at events. We will provide a recycling team, organise bins and signage, calculate your recycling rates, help you work towards zero waste, work with your vendors, educate the public and help you meet local council requirements. Call us now for a quote!


Waste Audits

A waste audit is the only way to obtain real, quantifiable information about waste; how much is created, where it is generated and what it is costing the company. Until a waste audit is completed, it is difficult to establish efficient systems for recovery.

Over the years, we have worked with and audited more than 1000 businesses, from restaurants to retirement homes. Whether you're in retail or a regional council, we can design better waste minimisation systems and deliver cost savings while "greening you up" in the process. 

Our services include kerbside waste audits for local authorities, to help determine the volumes and types of waste that local residents send to landfill.  This information helps councils determine the kinds of services they need to provide in future. 

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